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Testimonials for Beyond Chaos


"Debra takes readers on a journey into the depths of a chaotic childhood and shows us that sheer determination and grit will get you to the other side. Her straightforward, raw writing style feels like a one-two punch, then will have you cheering. Beyond Chaos is a lifeline of hope and inspiration, watching how one remarkable woman chose freedom and joy over victimhood, and is making the most of her life." 

Karen Gruber, Founder of the Inspired Mama 

"Beyond Chaos is an insightful story of perseverance, self-love and demonstrates the willingness to transcend life situations with utmost integrity and empowerment. Debra’s story is confirmation that everything in life happens for a reason, and we are always at choice on how we take care of ourselves in all our relationships and experiences."

— Michelle LeMay, World-traveling minister-in-training

"Everyone experiences chaos in their lives. The positive decisions and actions that some make after their experiences sets them apart from most who choose to dwell in self-pity and despair. Despite the many challenges Debra shares from her life, her story serves as a guide to how we can rise as the phoenix from the ashes to become more joyous and fulfilled."

— Bill Baker, Ed.D., Personal & Business Results Coach and Business Trainer

"Beyond Chaos is a heroic story of a woman who has taken life by the horns and despite many great obstacles and heartbreak, has lived in a way that inspires and motivates us. Within this book are lessons from which we can all learn to make the most of this precious life. I am already hoping for a sequel!"

— Karen Lanka Hedman, Entrepreneur and Wellness Coach

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