Debra Valentina

For over 30 years, Debra has been an executive and entrepreneurial coach, workshop facilitator, author, and international speaker.  In 2017, Debra was one of 10 American women invited to represent the World Academy for the Future of Women on a five-week speaking tour in Eastern China.  While in China, Debra also taught watercolor in a variety of settings for the Give Voice to Women Project.  

As a serial entrepreneur, Debra has owned four successful companies:  Health Empowerment, Inc., Professional Women in Healthcare, Valentina Healthcare Management Consulting, and Creativing.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Debra was a healthcare executive with Kaiser Permanente, Travelers Health Network, and First Health.  

Debra earned a Bachelor of Business Administration magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; a Master of Public Health in Corporate Management from University of California, Berkeley; and she is a graduate from the International Business Executive Program from Stanford University. 

Since 1983, Debra has been on numerous non-profit and healthcare boards as well as an international guest lecturer and adjunct professor on the topics of healthcare, communication, public speaking, and personal development.  


Beyond Chaos

Debra Valentina vulnerably shares her journey from a chaotic, dysfunctional childhood to a thriving, satisfying life. Through the roller coaster ride she takes us on, we are filled with hope that we, too, can turn out to be happy, contributing human beings. You will not want to miss this engaging ride! 

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